November 1, 2014

8th Grade Prayer Day

Today was a special day of prayer for our 9 Suba Lakers who are preparing to take their 8th Grade National Exams next week.  It is a big moment in the lives of these young girls.  In Mbita District only 43% of the girls end up finishing primary school, but with the Suba Lakers we pride ourselves in helping every one of the girls who are part of the club to finish 8th grade and move on to high school.  Each of the 9 girls taking their exams this year has a story to tell and many doubters who thought they would not be able to reach this far.  Through hard work and perseverance, they have made it to the end of this stage of their lives and how they do on these exams will determine if and where they are able to continue their education.  
The 8th Grade National Exam is the culmination of eight years of primary school wrapped up into a 3-day test in Math, English, Kiswahili, Science, Social Studies and Christian Religious Education.  All of the exams are multiple choice, except for compositions in English and Kiswahili.  Over 850,000 students around the country will be taking the same exam.

This class of Suba Lakers is extra special to us because they have been with the club for a long time, and have accomplished much on and off the field.  Lavenda Oguta and Lucia Awino have been with the club since it began back in 2009 and Lavenda has gone to primary school Nationals 4 straight years.  Winny started with the club in 2010 and has been selected for Nationals the past 3 years.  Lillian joined in 2011 and has been to Nationals the past couple of years.  June and Eunice also joined in 2011 and were selected for Nationals this past year.  Nancy, Sharon and Niphrid have also been valuable members of the club on and off the field for the past couple of years.  Five of these 8th Graders were selected to play at Nationals this year and made history by leading the Lake Region team to the National Championship for the first time ever.

Today the club officials took time out to get together with these special girls and commit them and their exams before the Lord.  We are confident that each of them has the ability to do well on these exams and join secondary school in the coming months.  Please be praying for them during this time!

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