April 8, 2016

Primary School Ball Games 2016

Lake Region wins the National Championship!

Each year during Term 1, the Primary School Ball Games are underway. These start at the lowest level, the school, the base and the zone (which is approximately comparative to the town), proceeding up through the district, county and region until finally the national level. At each level, the the best players from that given area are selected for the team. In turn, only the top players advance to each level. 

Our Suba Lakers all played at the lower levels (the school, base, zone, district) and many were selected for the County Team to compete at the Regional Level. To make it on the Regional Team to compete at the National Tournament is a big deal. This year 3 Suba Lakers we selected and played at Nationals; Apeto, Lencer and Owiti!

Two years ago, in 2014, Lake Region won the primary school ball games for the first time ever. The team consisted of 6 Suba Lakers. This was a huge success for the Region and proved that even the most rural parts of Kenya could train-up great female football players. After a disappointing 2015, Lake Region again won the National Championship this year. However, the larger success is that since the Suba Lakers began in 2009, others in the region have started to take girls football more serious. They have invested time and energy to develop these girls’ talent. The proof is in the Region’s ability to win another national title!