April 13, 2013

Coming Together

The Primary and Secondary girls reported for a full-day Suba Lakers training session on Friday, April 12th. The morning started out with heavy rains until nearly 10am which delayed many girls traveling to the Mbita Primary School football pitch. By the afternoon, over 30 girls were in attendance. They each brought with them a copy of their Term 1 report cards. Even though

Suba Lakers is a football club, the core values are centered on encouraging teenage girls to stay in school and receive a quality education. The club strives to challenge the girls to do their best both on the football pitch and in the classroom. Damaris, a Form 2 (10th grade) student at Bishop Okullu Magare Girls Secondary School, blew us away with her grades. She finished the term as the 2nd Best Girl out of 85 students in her class! We’re so proud of her!

A YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Team helped out with some exciting exercises and soccer drills during the morning session. The girls enjoyed training with some new activities but were quick to admit that they (the YWAM team) weren't great football players. These girls are serious about their football!

One of the YWAM team members shared his testimony of his previous life as a drug addict and growing up with parents who were both drug addicts and never fully present during his childhood, he could relate to many of the girls’ difficult home situations. His journey of how he grew to know God and the power of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection was powerful.

During lunch at Coach Joe’s house they enjoyed getting to know Daneen, Joe’s fiancĂ©e. Many of the girls have been bugging Joe for many years about when he would choose a wife and get married! They were all smiles and giggles finally seeing Joe’s future wife in person! Daneen is looking forward to being a part of the Suba Lakers as a mentor.

The girls also watched an exciting Athletes In Action video called “Passion And Power: Champions of Women’s Sports”. The video followed a number of world-champion female athletes and their journey of having passion for their sport, while also having a passion for Jesus and ensuring their strength and power comes from the Lord and not themselves. The girls were amazed to see so many different sports they didn’t know about like the luge, speed skating, and the uneven parallel bars in gymnastics. They also loved seeing their countrywoman, Catherine Nderebe, who is an Olympic Marathon medalist as well as the first Kenyan female to win the Boston Marathon.

Back at the field, it was game time. The girls played a match between the primary school girls and secondary school girls. While the secondary school girls are older and have more experience, many are off at boarding schools and get little training time. Whereas most of the primary girls live in and around Mbita and are able to train and practice together more frequently. The Primary girls squashed the secondary girls 3-0. Proof that quality training and youthful exuberance can overcome age and experience!

It was a great day!