August 11, 2015

A Special Visit from America!

Suba Lakers Club Co-Founder Joe Peterson and his wife, Daneen, had the opportunity to take a short trip back to Kenya in July. They first visited Mbita where Joe had lived and worked for 10 years with Christ's Gift Academy. There they met up with all the girls in Primary School who live around Mbita. It was a total surprise to them. The girls were called together for a meeting and then suddenly, across the football pitched, walked Uncle Joe and Auntie Daneen! As the girls saw them walking, they started running toward them and were greeted with hugs and hellos. 

Joe and Daneen also traveled to the rural places outside of Kisii to attend the Secondary School Regional Ball Games. Of our 24 girls currently in secondary school, 14 of them were playing with their school teams at this Championship. Joe and Daneen had a wonderful time getting to watch each of them play and spend some time together between matches over the 2-day tournament. Even though it was brief, we were all very grateful for this special time with them again.