February 28, 2015

KCSE Results

Our 6 high school graduates have been eagerly awaiting their National Exam results which were finally released yesterday.  They took their exams in October/November, along with 400,000 other students across the country.  It is a big milestone for these girls to have finished high school and taken their National Exams.  In our district, only 16% of the girls normally finish high school.  The Suba Lakers have helped over 85% of their girls complete high school.  

This year’s class featured two of the 
most outstanding students in the country.  

Adah Sharon achieved a mean score of A which places her in the top 1% of students in Kenya.  Her teammate Linet Akeyo achieved an A- which puts her in the top 3% of students in Kenya.  Those high scores will ensure that both of these girls are able to continue their education in university through government sponsorship.  Sharon Bismarck also scored highly, earning a B- which is above the cutoff for qualification for University.  The other three did not score as highly as these three, but being able to graduate high school was a big achievement for these girls who many said would never reach that far.  They faced tough circumstances in their education including a poor foundation because of very weak primary schools, poverty, and many other challenges.  Each of these 6 six girls were orphaned from a young age which can drastically affect their home situation, academic performance and financial means.  

We thank God that through the help of the club working along with their schools, teachers and families, each of these girls has made it past this critical juncture of their life.