What We Do

A Football Club
The Suba Lakers is a football club for girls, which does much more than just football activities.  The club uses football as a way to impact the girls' lives physically, socially, academically and spiritually; giving them hope for a better future in this life and eternity.

The club participates in various tournaments around Kenya throughout the year. Our primary students train year-round and our secondary students participate with the club when they come home during school breaks. Most of our secondary students attend boarding schools where they also play on their school football teams, leading their teams towards great success. 

Our Focus:
1) develop the girls' talents
2) build their self-esteem
3) keep them in school
4) help them grow physically, socially, academically and spiritually. 

The primary school players normally come one weekend a month during the school term for training and teaching.  During the school holidays the secondary students return and join the primary students for Suba Laker Day held at the start of every school break; April, August and December.   The club participates in a number of regional and nation-wide tournaments during the school holidays.  During training weekends and tournaments, the girls stay busy with training, studying, life skills teaching and other activities.

School Sponsorship
Secondary School in Kenya is expensive.  In the rural places where our girls come from, an average day's wage is around $2; less than $800 a year.  A decent secondary school costs at least $400 a year.  Hence, most families are unable to send all their children to secondary school and first priority usually goes to the boys in most families.  The club believes in girls obtaining the highest possible education to help them and their families break the cycle of poverty.  Due to their football talents, many schools recruit our girls for their schools and some even reduce the fees for them.  However, the costs are still a large burden for the families.  Through Sponsorship, the club provides financial assistance to our most needy girls and their families to permit them to continue their education!   Learn more about school sponsorship!

A Family 
With over 50 girls in the club, many who have been a member for 4 or more years, the Suba Lakers is a family.  The girls go to various schools around the country and many may not see each other during the school term.  During the school breaks, they enjoy reuniting with their friends who have become like sisters to them. Equally, club officials are like aunts and uncles to the girls.  Most the girls come from challenging home situations where they may not receive much attention or encouragement in life.  The Suba Lakers Football Club is like a second family for most of them! 

"We can make sure that all women have the opportunity to build a better future, for generations to come." Melinda Gates