November 15, 2014

Suba Laker Day Nov 2014

Around 30 Suba Lakers and 5 Officials gathered today for our Suba Laker Day!

We host these days three times a year to bring together as many of our club members as we can and give the primary girls a chance to interact with our secondary girls and college girls who are usually away at school.  It is not always possible for all of the girls to make it because of different school closing dates, family responsibilities and other commitments, but fortunately a majority of them are able to attend.  

We were able to collect their report forms and record their academic results and have a good time of training in the morning.  In the afternoon we invited guest speakers to share with the girls some encouragement and motivation.  The girls also competed against each other in an intrasquad friendly match.  

The day ended with the club presenting certificates to the nine 8th Graders commemorating their completion of the primary school Suba Lakers program.  Congratulations to all our 8th graders!

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