January 16, 2018

Final Year of High School

In 2014, eight of our Suba Laker girls achieved a great milestone by finishing 8th grade.

In a region where less than 50% of girls finish primary school, this is a huge accomplishment!

Now, 4 years later, they are starting their final year of secondary school. And, they are working towards overcoming even larger odds. In the area around Mbita, less than 20% of girls complete high school!! All, except 1, of these girls are still in school!

Each of these girls have overcome many obstacles and challenges to reach this far.
And because of and in spite of those challenges...
     they are tough
     they are hard-working
     they are focused
     they are persistent 

     they have hope
     they are Suba Lakers!

Please join us in praying for these girls as they start on their final, and toughest, year of secondary school!

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