January 18, 2018

Barefoot Coaching 2018 Fundraiser

The Suba Lakers Co-Founder, Joe Peterson, is truly a coach to the core. After he left his home in Kenya of 11 years, he returned to the U.S. and is now the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Dawson Community College (NJCAA) in Glendive, MT. We are proud to see him continue to create a legacy in the world of coaching, training up young men and being a great example and mentor in their lives; just like he was for the Suba Laker girls for many years.

We are honored he will be participating in BAREFOOT COACHING to raise awareness of the millions of children without shoes around the world. This event is in collaboration with Samaritan's Feet which distributes shoes locally and globally to those in need.

Join us at Dawson Community College

Thursday, Feb 1st, 2018
Women's Game at 5:30pm
Men's Game at 7:30pm

All donations received during this event will be used to help purchase new cleats for the Club and also assist our girls with their cost of their high school education.

If you can't attend the event in person, you can provide a donation online through Hands and Feet, Inc.


Live on Feb 1st at 5:30pm & 7:30pm MST

Soccer cleats in Kenya, are a rare gift. If a school or club can afford cleats, they often go to the boys first. Girls receive hand-me-downs which are often in terrible condition and the wrong size. Most girls throughout rural Kenya play soccer in their bare feet. This is extremely dangerous when pitches are covered in thorns, rocks, glass and other debris. Shortly after the Suba Lakers was formed, the Club saw the need for the girls to learn to wear cleats; called "boots" in Kenya. It was a rough transition as the girls were used to and comfortable in their bare feet. Yet, over time, the girls themselves learned the advantage and benefits of wearing cleats. Today, the girls can't imagine playing without them!

School in Kenya is not free. The average cost of high school is $400/year, for 1 student. The average income for families in the Mbita area is $800/year. Hence, many families struggle to send all their children to high school. The Suba Lakers officials believe that all girls not only deserve to complete their high school education but that it significantly impacts their future possibilities in life. In Homa Bay County, only 16% of girls finish high school (2013 stats). For the Suba Lakers, our dream is to see each girl finish their high school education. Through the support of sponsors and donors, the Club partners with the girls' families to help pay for their education. Our Sponsor a Girl program permits individuals (or families) to partner with a specific girl and help her complete this dream.

Thank you Uncle Joe (or Coach Pete as they call you in the USA), for continuing to partner with the Suba Lakers and be a great voice for children and youth in Kenya! We love you!

Go DCC Buccaneers! 

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