December 4, 2013

One World Futball

Recently, the Suba Lakers received a donation of 5 One World Futballs.  These are unique balls are described as nearly indestructible.  In Africa, even the best soccer balls don’t last very long.  The playing fields are usually very hard with sparse grass, filled with sharp stones and thorns.  Many soccer fields are surrounded with barbed wire fences, as well.  Most normal footballs don’t stand a chance of living a long, productive life faced with those obstacles!  Our club goes through a lot of balls.  Sometimes we get balls donated, but many times we have to buy them which is a large expense.  Unfortunately, those balls (both thee donated and purchased ones) get spoiled pretty quickly.  We can take them to the local tailor to repair them, but after a while they become unrepairable and must be thrown away.    

The One World Futbols will help us immensely in training.  With these balls there is no need for a pump because it never goes flat, even when punctured.  They can be used on the street, at the beach, at home or on the harshest of terrain.  A single ball will last for years.  These balls are not suitable for official games because they are a little heavier than a normal ball and don’t bounce as much, but they’re great for training because they are indestructible! 

The best part is that when someone purchases a One World Futball, the organization donates a ball to a community in need, especially organizations that work in disadvantaged communities.  It’s a Buy One, Give One model!  We are blessed that the Suba Lakers are one of the organizations they chose to partner with!

THANK YOU One World Futbol!!

Read more about One World Futbol on their website!

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