November 30, 2013

Dining with the President

Suba Laker Esther Juma is a great example to the girls around Mbita that you can be a good student as well as a good football player.  On the 8th Grade National Exam last year she was the 2nd best girl in the entire district, and she received an invitation to join one of the best girls schools in the country, Kenya High School. 

During her first year of secondary school, she had already been selected in the starting 11 for her school's football team.  Their team was invited to a play a match at State House Girls High School which is located inside the compound of where Kenya's President lives.  In the middle of the match, President Uhuru Kenyatta showed up to watch and told the teams that the winning team would be invited for dinner with his family at the State House.  That motivated Esther and her teammates to grind out a hard fought win!  So the Kenya High School Girls Football team enjoyed a nice evening dining with the Commander-in-Chief!

Also, this year at another event, a talent scout spotted Esther and invited her to next year's Continental Cup International Youth Sports Festival in Cleveland, OH.  It is a self-sponsored trip so the family is praying and hoping for God to provide a way for Esther to be able to travel to the U.S.A.  2013 has been quite a remarkable year for Esther Juma!

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