January 29, 2013

National Exam Results

We have received the results for most of our Suba Laker 8th graders who sat their National Exams in December.  Just like the previous two years, our girls have done well. 

In Mbita District less than half of the girls ever even finish primary school (8th grade), and of the ones that finish, very few reach the pass mark, especially at public primary schools which is where most of our girls go to school.  We hope that through the club we are encouraging them, motivating them and giving them hope that they can make it with hard work.  Through the years we have tutored them, helped them with revision books and exams, brought in speakers to share with them, and given them plenty of time for their studies.  We were even able to help a few of them with their school fees and other small levies their school charged during their primary school education.

All but two have passed, and most of them even exceeded our expectations.  Our top two girls scored 309 marks.  Peninah Akoth was one of them.  She did especially well in English but her Kiswahili score kept her from scoring higher.  Faith Wambi was the other one. She scored over 60 in four of the five subjects.  It was only Social Studies that was below 60.  In all of her practice exams Faith was scoring around 270 marks, so her teachers and family were very surprised that she was able to score 309. 

The overall mean for the 11 girls was almost 270 (the pass mark is 250).  They scored over the pass mark in Math, Science, Social Studies and English which was the subject they performed best in.  That might be because when they come to the club for training, they are spoken to in English most of the time and are encouraged the speak to each other in English.  The lowest performed subject was Kiswahili, mainly because there was one student that was extremely low in it.  If it wasn't for that one low score, they would have also finished over the pass mark in that subject. 

In the coming weeks these students will be receiving calling letters from various high schools throughout the country and we hope that each of them will be able to continue their education.  Please pray for God's provision so that they are able to join high school. 

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