December 6, 2016

2016 Kanyakla Tournament on Mfangano Island

We took the ferry across the lake for our next tournament on Mfangano Island. The 2016 Kanyakla Tournament was held at Ramba Primary School from Nov 28-Dec 1. This tournament is sponsored by Organic Health Response – Ekialo Kiona Center which focuses on community health programs on Mfangano Island. The tournament provided many opportutities to learn abut HIV/AIDS awareness.

A number of teams traveled the long distance to attend this tournament, yet the Suba Lakers dominated. We finished the tournament undefeated and did not allow a single goal! We beat City to City Football Club 4-0, then took on Kiziwa FC 2-0. In Semis we met and defeated Dreams FC 5-0. Finally, we wrapped it up with a 3-0 win over Mashambani FC. We received new uniforms, a ball and trophy as the Champions.

Not only did we shine as a team, but many of our players stood out to be among the best. Brenda June and Alicent received the Best Players awards. Our top scorers, with 3 total each, were Lavenda, Emily and Dorothy.

The Kanyakla Program is the world’s first microclinic program for HIV/AIDS. Our approach is to empower rural HIV-affected social networks with training and resources, while improving linkages to care, facilitating confidential HIV status disclosure, and building an enduring social infrastructure to address the social, economic, and environmental factors driving HIV/AIDS.

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