May 12, 2015

Suba Laker Day May 2015

Primary school girls, secondary school girls and even some college girls participated in the Suba Laker Day on Saturday, May 2, 2015.  Eighteen of them had recently competed against each other in the KYFA Nationwide Ladies Tournament playing for their school teams, but on this day they were all back together again as one team.

Coach Dave and Coach Paul had recently attended a coaches training organized by the Kenya Football Federation.  The training was done by German trained coaches.  Coach Dave and Coach Paul were able to put into practice the things they had learned during this one day training with the Suba Lakers.  They subjected the players to a lot of drills and good teaching, but there was also some time for fun and games.  

These girls love coming back together and sharing stories.  Some of them secondary school girls were given time in front of the large group to share their team’s experience at the KYFA tournament.  While a number of the  primary school girls shared their experiences during the ball-games which took place during Term 1 in March and April.   

Visitors from a YWAM team in Los Angeles attended the training and helped out in different ways.  The girls just enjoyed spending some time with the visitors.  A special guest from Suba Environmental Education of Kenya (SEEK) also had time to share with the girls about making good choices in their lives. 

Our secondary girls all travelled back to their boarding schools two days later to start Term 2.  They were excited for their school soccer season this term and to see which of their school team will win the Regional tournament, go to Nationals and get bragging rights over the other Suba Laker girls.

Pray for a successful Term 2 in the classroom and on the field for all our girls!

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