January 20, 2015

Joining High School

The 2015 school year got off to a slow start with the nationwide teacher’s strike, but finally cooler heads prevailed and school is beginning.  8 of our 9 Eighth Graders were able to join various high schools around the region.  

Niphrid, Sharon and Lavenda joined Ugari Secondary School in Migori County.  Winny, Lillian and Eunice joined Nyakach Girls in Kisumu County.  Nyakach has reached the Regional Final in back to back years and are hoping these girls can help them get over the hump and win the region so that they can advance to Nationals.  Nancy joined Sindo Girls High School.  Finally, June joined 12 time regional champions Jera Seconary School where she will team up with four other Suba Lakers who are learning and competing there.  

In the past five years, 39 out of the 42 Suba Laker Eighth Graders who have taken their National Exams have continued their education in high school.  That is a 93% rate which is astounding compared to the district average of 50%.  We are grateful that because of their football skills, academic performance and financial help, these girls are able to continue in their education.  

These 8 girls bring the total number of Suba Lakers currently in High School to 29.  We have had 13 finish high school in the past couple of years.  

We are also happy that several of our girls have been chosen as captains of their high school soccer teams.  Last year Captain Judith Mayor helped lead her team to Nationals.  This year Caren Akeyo is the captain at Kobala, Alicent Awuor is the captain at Jera and Lavenda Achieng as a 1st year student has been named the captain at Ugari.  

Please pray with us for these girls as they adapt to life in secondary school!  

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