March 15, 2015

Equipment Donations

Equipment is always a challenge for the Suba Lakers.  

It is difficult to find good balls which will endure being played on the rough Kenyan fields filled with rocks and thorns and usually surrounded by barbed wire fences.  Soccer cleats (known as 'football boots') are very expensive in Kenya.  Most of the cleats which can be purchased in Kenya are already used.  Because the fields are usually very hard with a lot of rocks and dirt and very little grass, the cleats also take a big beating.  And many times because we only have few cleats to choose from, the girls end up picking a pair that doesn’t fit them so well.  When they wear ones that are a little too small or too big, it is also rough on the shoes, especially since they were previously used by someone else. 

In March, a visiting team from Montana, brought 13 brand new pairs of cleats which were donated by a couple who wanted to bless the Suba Lakers.  The cleats were received by our primary girls with big smiles.  Some of them had probably never seen a brand new pair of soccer cleats!  What a special gift for the club!

Through the U.S. Soccer Foundation's Passback program, we also recently received some lightly used soccer equipment which included more pairs of soccer cleats, goalkeeper gloves, used soccer balls, socks and a few jerseys.  

The donations were a big encouragement to the club officials and the players. 

Learn more about the Passback program and how YOU can organize a donation drive to bless another soccer program somewhere around the world!

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