June 12, 2014

A Letter from Mawego Girls Suba Lakers

This is a letter delivered to a Suba Laker Official, written by 5 Suba Lakers who attend the same school, Mawego Girls Secondary School.

March 2014

Dear Suba Lakers,

We, as the family of Suba Lakers of Mawego Girls, would specifically want to thank you for the support that you have given us ever since we met. We were happy to see our fellow new members who came to join us together so as to build our football team [at school].

Immediately the schools were opened, we sat for exams. The results are yet to be released in the course of the next week. We are requesting that you pay us a visit so that you also know where we are learning at and discuss with our teachers about our progress. We are striving to go through education system as a family so that we fit in this competitive world that is continually changing.  Our main aim and hope is quality and to go to university.

We should continue to appreciate any form of support given to us so that we don’t let our God given talent go away, but we know that as we have joined our hands together as a family member of Mawego Girls from Suba Lakers, we will work harder so that our fellow students also gain something from us.

Our new members [Jacinta and Cynthia] are proud to tell you that they received a warm welcome when they reported to school. They were impressed with the facilities available in school and we hope that the situation will be better as time goes by.  Other members of Suba Lakers such as Brenda June, Lilian Awuor, Winnie Akinyi, who will complete their primary education by next year, we wish them to join us at Mawego Girls to form a strong team which will make us qualify to the National level.

We once again like to thank you for everything you have done to us and we know that before God all things will be okay.

Yours faithfully,
Mawego Girls Suba Laker Family
Purity, Faith, Winnie, Jacinta & Cynthia

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