January 25, 2014

Dynamic Duo

Neighbors, Friends, Classmates, Deskmates and Teammates.

Brenda June and Lillian Awuor have a lot in common, but size and the position they play are much different.  

Neither one originally come from Mbita.  Because of family challenges in Ndhiwa, June’s uncle in Mbita decided to bring her here (to live with him) so she could concentrate on her school work.  Lillian also had many challenges.  After the death of her father, she was told to stay home from school to take care of the babies in the house.  Her aunt brought her to Mbita at the age of 8 so that she could begin going to school for the first time.  They first met when June came to Mbita in 4th Grade.  Lillian was a little older and a lot taller, but they quickly became friends because of their love of playing football.  

Since coming to Mbita, they have both played for their school football team and then joined the Suba Lakers Football Club at the same time in 2011.  Because of their strong work ethic, they have developed rapidly as good players. 
Lillian has become one of the best goalkeepers around.  Last year she was selected to play at Primary School Nationals and was the top goalkeeper for her region.  She is aggressive, quick to learn and has the size and hands that make it difficult for anyone to score on her. 

June is still small in stature but big in heart.  She has become the leader for the primary school girls and the engine that makes them go.  With her mid-field play, she controls the ball possession, distributes balls to her teammates and has a deadly shot from outside of the box, including dead ball situations.  

It has been a joy to see these two girls develop on and off the field.  They have become great friends living near each other, sharing a desk at school and training together.  Many secondary schools are anxiously waiting to see how they do academically in 8th grade so that they can recruit them to play for their schools at the next level.  Whoever gets the pair will have a strong team for the next 4 years thereafter, and it will be difficult to separate them!    

2014 Update.  In March 2014, June and Lilian were both selected to play in the Primary School Ball Games all the way from the Base level up to Nationals. They lead their Lake Region Team to win Nationals for the first time ever!  They both played in every match; June controlling the midfield and Lilian keeping balls out of their goal.  A dynamic duo for sure.

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